Volume 2/2012

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Joanna Brzozowska-Wabik, The co-operatives potential in meeting certain needs of state and society – introduction to debate, pp. 9-15

Marta Bohdziewicz-Lulewicz at all., Measuring social added value – main dilemmas and challenges, pp. 16-32

Tomasz Schimanek, Social provisions as an instrument of support social entrepreneurship in Poland, pp. 33-40

Wanda Pełka, The aim of this article is to identify opportunities to develop market financing in social economy sector in Poland, pp. 41-50

Marta Bohdziewicz-Lulewicz, Joanna Sutuła, Social economy as an instrument of regional and local communities development, pp. 51-63

Krzysztof Więckiewicz, Directions of support social economy development, pp. 64-69

Piotr Frączak, Pact for social economy – Important test for social environment and administration, pp. 70-76


We must seek forms for stimulating local activity – an interview with prof. Jerzy Hausner, pp. 79-82

Social economy cannot operate in a niche – an interview with Paweł Chorąży, pp. 83-86

How to build a stable support structures for the social economy? – an interview with Dorotea Daniele, pp. 87-90

Democracy, ethics , shared ownership – the social economy as a response to the crisis – an interview with Thierry Jeantet, pp. 91-94

Book Reviews

Jerzy Wilkin Review of the book Wokół ekonomii społecznej [‘Around the social economy’], pp. 97-101

Classical article

 Rory Ridley-Duff, Communitarian perspectives on social enterprise (translation: Robert Chrabąszcz), pp. 105-116