Volume 3/2013

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Foreword, p. 4


Lidia Węsierska-Chyc, Social economy is not a sector, pp. 9-23

Mirosław Grewiński, Social services as a common field of social policy and economy, pp. 24-39

Agnieszka Szczudlińska-Kanoś, Local communities and their contribution to the development of social economy, pp. 40-52

Marta Danecka, Social employment or social care? Socio-vocational activity in the view of their beneficiaries, pp. 53-66

Monika Chomątowska, Social teaching of the Church and social economy, pp. 67-79

Łukasz Maźnica, The culture capital as a determinant and resource for social economy, pp. 80-90

Daria Murawska, Relations of enterprises with social economy entities, pp. 91-102

Magdalena Małecka-Łyszczek, The influence of selected legal forms of administrative activities on the intensity of cooperation with social economy entities, pp. 103-117

Adalbert Izdebski, Małgorzata Ołdak, Between the market and a local community. Selected aspects of social co-operatives functioning in the research “Social Co-operatives Monitoring 2010”, pp. 118-132

Maciej Czarkowski, Social Co-operatives in Warsaw, pp. 133-144


Anna Karcz, Educational project “Solidarity economy”, pp. 147-150

Olga Gałek, Anna Jarzębska, Social entrepreneurship in East Europe, pp. 151-154

Jakub Głowacki, ESometr is already on-line!, pp. 155-156


Ewa Bogacz-Wojtanowska, Review of the book W poszukiwaniu tradycji. Dwa dwudziestolecia pozarządowych inspiracji (Piotr Frączak), pp. 159-161

Classical articles

Carlo Borzaga, Sara Depedri, Ermanno TortiaOrganizational variety in market economies and the role of co-operative and social enterprises: a plea for economic pluralism (translation: Robert Chrabąszcz), pp. 165-177