Volume 1/2012

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Irena Herbst, Financing social economy entities in Poland, pp. 9-18

Ewa Modzelewska, A non-government organisation as a social enterprise: A case study of the Association Disabled for the Environment EKON, pp. 19-32

Ewa Bogacz-Wojtanowska, Problems faced by non-government organisations in the process of their transformation into social economy entities, pp. 33-42

Katarzyna Ołdak, The social clauses in public procurement, pp. 43-53

Mateusz Smoter, The social audit method: A case study of the ‘U Siemachy Association’, pp. 54-68


Katarzyna Kwarcińska, News from the Fourth World. Street newspapers as a program of social reintegration, pp. 71-73

Joanna Brzozowska, Cooperatives build a better world, pp. 74-77

Maciej Frączek, Adam Gałecki, A summary of the results of piloting system of accreditation and IWES’ (Institutions of Support for Social Economy Entities) operation standards – AKSES, pp. 78-82

Elżbieta Cegła, Social economy – a good way to development, pp. 83-86

Bartosz Józefowski, The conclusions of the report ‘CSR in Malopolska’, pp. 87-90

Tomasz Machowski, See and do the other way around. Muhammad Yunus in Cracow, pp. 91-92


Andrzej Bukowski, Review of the book 'Liderzy i działacze. O idei trzeciego sektora w Polsce' (‘Liders and activists. The idea of the third sector in Poland’, Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska), pp. 95-98

Classical Article

 Peter Graefe, Roll-out Neoliberalism and the Social Economy (translation: Rafał Śmietana), pp. 101-115