Volume 2/2013

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Foreword, p. 4


Wojciech Goleński, Social policy and social economy. Remarks on social justice, pp. 9-19

Maria Płonka, Social value added of mutual insurance companies in Poland – theoretical and practical aspects, pp. 20-31

Zofia Chyra-Rolicz, Co-operatives as the element of social economy. Founding initiatives support, pp. 32-43

Artur Steiner, Sylwia Steinerowska, Social firms in Great Britain – potential and opportunities for action, pp. 44-57

Wojciech Duranowski, Bolsa Família – innovative action struggling social exclusion in Brazil, pp. 58-69

Jolanta Perek-Białas, Ageing population – the Challenge for Social Economy Entities, pp. 70-81


Remigiusz Okraska, Past for (better) future, pp.85-88

Jacek Stryczek, What is the responsible business?, pp. 89-90

Adam Niemkiewicz, Agnieszka Mróz, Pomorski Youth Fund, pp. 91-93

Marta Bohdziewicz-Lulewicz, Dorota Kobylec, Will Cracow have the Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme?, pp. 94-96

Bogdan Kordula, Caritas of Cracow Archdiocese facing challenges of contemporary social economy, pp. 97-100


Ewa Bogacz-Wojtanowska, Review of the book Zarządzanie przedsiębiorstwem społecznym w procesie konwergencji (Wioletta Czemiel-Grzybowska), pp. 103-105

Classical article

Bull M., Ridley-Duff R.J., Foster D., Seanor P.Conceptualising Ethical Capital in Social Enterprises (translation: Robert Chrabąszcz), pp. 109-120