For Reviewers


  1. The process of reviewing the proposals of articles to by published in the „Social Economy” journal assumes the form of double-blind review, i.e. each text is given anonymously to two reviewers employed outside the academic unit the author of the article is affiliated with.
  2. The reviewers are obliged to evaluate the article in accordance with the following criteria: precision of formulated objective, originality of research issues, theoretical background, quality of empirical research, originality of conclusions, the significance of development in scientific field confluent with the scientific profile of the Journal, attentive language, comprehensibility, appropriate source selection.
  3. The deadline and the form of the review: up to 4 weeks after the proposal of the article is submitted, in the form sheet made available by the Editorial Board (doc, pdf).
  4. The reviews should be submitted electronically to the e-mail address of the Editorial Board and their signed paper version to the Publisher address (see: Contact us).
  5. The Editorial Board passes the blind reviews to the author of the proposal of the article – regardless of the final decision on granting permission or refusal to be published.

We invite to cooperation the reviewers – both practitioners and researchers experienced in the area of social economy.