Volume 2/2011

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Janina Filek, Deliberations on the phenomenon of assistance, pp. 7-20

Piotr Wróbel, The concept of institutional isomorphism and its manifestations in non-profit sector in selected countries, pp. 21-34

Marek Krzysztof Zając, An Internal Outplacement Centre in a correctional facility, pp. 35-46

Maciej Frączek, Seweryn Krupnik, Agnieszka Pacut, Anna Szczucka, Monitoring social enterprises in Malopolska: Selected findings and key challenges, pp. 47-60

Marek Oramus, The applicability of Social Return on Investment criteria to small social economy entities. A case study of the foundation Ale heca!, pp. 61-74

Ewa Janikowska, How microfinance helps combat poverty. A case study of Grameen Bank, pp. 75-83


Alicja Mazurek, Perspectives for the development of Work Clubs, pp. 87-89

Zuzanna Fichtner, Program of the School of Social Animation as an opportunity to meet the needs of socially excluded people. Center for Homeless No. 1 in Poznan, pp. 90-94

Sebastian Cycuła, Create center for people with autism. Challenges and opportunities of building social infrastructure – experiences of The Autistic People Help Association ‘Together forward’, pp. 95-98

Anna Sienicka, Evaluation of the draft act on social entrepreneurship and social enterprise in the light of public consultation, pp. 99-109

Rafał Sułkowski, Conference ‘Active Europe’– how to finance the development of social enterprises and combat the crisis, pp. 110-112


Michał Możdżeń, Review of the book The position of volunteers in the labour market (Dominik Buttler), pp. 115-118

Selection of classic texts

Graham Smith, Simon Teasdale, Social Economy, social enterprise and the theory of associative democracy (translation: Rafał Śmietana), pp. 121-137